DC140 Guyed Monopole

DC140 Guyed Monopole

The elegant form of the DC140 guyed monopole makes a positive contribution to any chosen setting. Experience has shown that its distinctive architectural appearance is equally suited to Greenfield, urban and rooftop sites, with the flexibility and capacity to accommodate several site sharers' equipment.

The simplicity of this well-proportioned and stylish structure resolves the visual problems associated with lattice towers by eliminating the large number of bracing components. The pioneering design employs a simple hierarchy of components: a central spine, cast steel arms and tie-rods. The resulting silhouette is visually more akin to that of a monopole, yet the structure is capable of supporting a high level of equipment at heights up to 40-metres.

The DC140 is designed to provide support for up to five operators, each using a full compliment of panel antenna and microwave links. Additional platforms and antenna mounts can be added retrospectively, for site share or expansion, without interrupting the distinctive tower profile.


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