DC170 Ultra High Capacity Tower

DC170 Ultra High Capacity Tower

This high-capacity structure is designed to be as slim and visually transparent as possible. Despite its extremely high capacity, an elegant structure with a strong visual identity has been created. It is obvious why this option has been so popular with site providers, operators and town planners alike.

The tower has been designed with the utmost safety, accessibility, and functionality in mind. The innovative design limits the footprint of the tower to a radius of between 1.3-metres and 1.5-metres, dramatically reducing both land take and foundation size.

Safety is paramount to the design and as such is unmatched on any other structure. Access is provided via a central permanent access ladder with rest platforms. Fully floored work platforms, protected with perimeter handrails, are provided at levels where antennas are required.

Available in heights to 60m, this is a high capacity structure and a typical tower is capable of supporting over 100 dishes whilst operating within industry standard design limits.

As flexibility and potential for expansion are clearly important in the communications industry, the tower or head frames can be supplied in modular form making upgrade and extension simple, allowing the spread of capital expenditure.


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