DC470 Amplifier Brackets

DC470 Amplifier Brackets

Our principles of industry leading design don't stop with support structures. For Dynamic Concepts, good enough isn't good enough. We are successful because we do things properly.

We have applied our skills to designing a range of bespoke amplifier bracket solutions for simple and complex installations. Often 3, 6 or 9 amplifiers are required on multi-band sites. However manufacturers often give little thought to how they can be installed and rigged on a low visual impact structure. Dynamic Concepts amplifier brackets have been created to provide compact solutions that allow ease of rigging, increasing flexibility and reducing visual impact.

We can offer from our standard ranges, or create bespoke brackets to suit your requirements.

Our business is the creation of industry leading products from initial concept, through manufacture to delivery and installation. At Dynamic Concepts, the product development process is far more than just creating good-looking products; it is the key element in the creation of innovative products that consumers crave.

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