DC470 TYPE 7 Universal Retrofit Head Frame

DC470 TYPE 7 Universal Retrofit Head Frame

Our principles of industry leading design don't stop with support structures. For Dynamic Concepts, good enough isn't good enough. We are successful because we do things properly.

We have applied our skills to designing a range of upgrade products where additional antennas or technologies require to be deployed on existing sites., resulting in the DC470 Type 7 Universal Retrofit Head Frame.

The DC470T7 provides an extremely flexible upgrade solution to a three or six pole head frame, from an existing single pole head frame. The retrofit head frame attaches directly to an existing single pole head frame without the need for drilling, cutting or welding.

The Type 7 brackets offer a number of options including 3 pole and 6 pole upgrade. The brackets are adjustable to offer an antenna separation of between 583mm and 860mm, measured centre to centre with antennas at standard 120º layout, without the need for any additional equipment.

The DC470 can be orientated through 360º to offer maximum flexibility and has capacity for mast head amplifiers at the rear of the antennas.


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