DC485 Demountable Rooftop Cabinet Base

DC485 Demountable Rooftop Cabinet Base

The astronomical growth of wireless networks has made acquiring suitable sites increasingly more challenging. Operators are regularly forced to find alternative solutions that represent a fast route to market but do not destroy budgets for capital expenditure.

The DC485 Demountable Rooftop Cabinet Base is based upon a unique rubber block made completely from recycled rubber granules. Designed as a permanent or temporary solution, the benefits are clear; it offers an economical, non-penetrative solution that can be quickly deployed dramatically reducing capital costs and speed to market.

The need for any permanent site works is no longer present, easing the negotiations with site providers and removing the requirement for any civil or specialist works contractors. The equipment can be removed as easily as it is installed.

  • Fast, simple and economical to deploy. All are non-penetrative, freestanding solutions.
  • No plant, cranage, civil works or hot works required.
  • Health and safety vastly improved – all components and less than 25kg in weight and can be lifted to rooftop by hand.
  • System is modular with small number of common components employed to make corner mount, edge mount or cabin mount solutions. Can be easily extended should a future equipment upgrade be required.
  • Modular system is designed to support a number of cabinets and electrical pillars; a typical two-operator installation would create a footprint of only 2.4 x 2.4m.
  • Environmentally sensitive solutions - weight system manufactured from recycled granulated car tyres.
  • Materials are all designed to protect roof membranes, no separating layer or protective barrier required (solar chips/gravel must first be carefully be removed then laid back to perimeter of DC485 system following installation).
  • Design provides a uniform and evenly distributed load to the roof.


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