DC810 Multi-Operator Tubular Lattice

DC810 Multi-Operator Tubular Lattice

Acquiring suitable sites for multi-operator structures has become increasingly more challenging. Operators are often forced to erect a single or dual operator structure and redevelop at a later date – this can be a costly and time-consuming activity.

Dynamic Concepts has designed a slender tubular lattice tower that can be built to a height from 15m upwards and be extended without the need to redevelop the site or dismantle any of the existing structure. This DC810 allows a fast route to market for the primary and subsequent operators, enabling the efficient spread of capital expenditure.

The structure is a high capacity triangular lattice, with slim tubular legs and simple diagonal bracing, combining the efficiency of a traditional lattice structure with the innovation and attention to detail, which epitomise all dynamic concepts' products.

The result is an extremely transparent and inconspicuous structure providing a low cost and fast route to market - a popular solution with customers, town planners and site providers.

With a face-width of only 1500mm, the DC810 is available in heights to 30m. It is capable of supporting antennas, amplifiers and dishes mounted directly on to the legs without the need for visually obtrusive secondary steelwork, although head frames can be supplied where required.

The aesthetics are enhanced by many unique features - the simple spigot connection designed to join the tubular legs without interrupting the vertical lines of the tower; the efficient cable management routing feeders down each of the three legs, providing an inconspicuous feeder route without unsightly crossover or the usual 'black mass' associated with slim lattice towers; an innovative and almost invisible face climb system providing safe access through the centre of the tower, removing the need for outages.


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